Modern Orangeries

Modern orangeries give your space a contemporary look that is both beautiful and functional in equal measures. A modern orangery comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They usually have large windows without panes and may include bi-fold doors to save space. We build exquisite modern orangeries in Coventry that integrate all the features you want in your orangery while giving it a stunningly beautiful finish.

Glass and Brick

A modern orangery uses more glass than brick. A traditional orangery may include solid walls on either side and a brick base over which the wood framework rests. Today, orangeries have changed a lot in appearance and, with new introductions such as bi-fold doors and better glass, you have more choices when it comes to design.


Floor-to-ceiling glass windows with double or triple glazing, bi-fold doors that give you the option to fully open up the entrance as and when you like and a bespoke roof with or without glass are some of the design elements that you can choose in your modern orangery. To achieve a modern look, you don’t necessarily need to reduce the brick element. Appropriate placement and colour selection heavily impact the appearance so, even with a brick base and brick walls, a modern look can still be achieved. However, paneless glass provides that distinctive modern look.

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Combining Modern and Traditional Designs

You can achieve a modern look while retaining elements of traditional orangery designs. Our expert designers that have years of experience in creating all kinds of modern orangeries in Coventry can achieve the exact look you want. Our designers work to your specifications and create your orangery exactly as you want it to be. Any changes you want in the design are quickly made to achieve perfect results.


To create a unique modern design, you can borrow individual elements from existing designs. Things like the windows, the door, window panes, the roof and so on can all be individually customised. These individual features can then be incorporated into the larger framework to create a unique orangery design. Whatever your chosen design, we have the resources, the human talent and the infrastructure to achieve precise, high-quality results.

The Roof

The roof of an orangery differentiates it from a conservatory. An orangery roof typically features a roof lantern, however, it is not strictly necessary. The roof of an orangery is usually flat with the roof lantern giving it a slightly pitched shape.

 In many orangeries in Coventry, we have created roofs where the roof lantern extends through the length of the orangery, providing the interiors with ample natural light. A roof lantern also adds beauty to the interiors and the overall appearance of an orangery. There is a huge range of design options available that you can choose from.

Our Range of Modern Orangeries & Conservatories in Coventry

We offer a wide range of modern orangeries in all sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Whether you want a minimalistic look in your modern orangery or want to include decorative features to achieve a more elegant look, we achieve exactly what you want.


Our team of expert designers and skilled craftsmen have created numerous modern orangeries and conservatories in Coventry of all types based on our customers’ specifications. Any features you want in your orangery such as additional security, bi-fold doors, double or triple glazed windows and so on, can easily be installed. If you’re looking for a durable, stunning modern orangery that has all the bespoke features you could ever possibly need, get in touch with us today.