Oak Conservatories

We specialise in creating high-quality, stunning oak conservatories in Coventry with any number of bespoke features. Oak is a hardwood that is commonly used in building. It is a highly durable variety of wood because of its strength and toughness. In oak alone, there are about 600 different varieties. We work with the toughest and the most durable varieties of oak wood so that your oak conservatory keeps looking and serving you like new for years.

Bespoke Oak Conservatories in Coventry

You can choose from a variety of traditional and modern designs, or have us create a bespoke conservatory for you. As for traditional designs, there are a variety of styles available such as Victorian, Edwardian, P-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped, Gable fronted, Edwardian Gable, Aluminium and Lean-To. These conservatory designs have been used for decades and serve their purpose brilliantly.


If you are looking for a bespoke design, we can create an oak conservatory based on the exact shape, size and style you need. Whether you want a bifold door, French door, patio door, bow windows, bay windows, casement windows, glass roof or a roof lantern; we achieve the exact results you want.


You can alter a traditional design and have it customised according to your liking. The choices are endless in what you can create. We provide sample designs and photographs of the conservatories in Coventry we built so that you get a clear idea of what your finished conservatory will look like. Any customisation you need is done in the design. Only after you approve the final design will we begin building the conservatory in our Coventry-based warehouse.

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Quality Materials & Finish

The oak used in a conservatory determines its longevity. If the base material is low-quality, even with a fine finish, it will start to show signs of deterioration over time. To create oak conservatories that last a lifetime, we only use the highest quality oak. Other materials used in the doors, windows, roof, flooring and walls are of the finest quality that give superior strength and a perfect finish to your conservatory.


Along with quality materials, another important consideration is the finish. Even with the best materials, if the craftsmen are not skilled in their work the results will be poor. Knowing the importance of superior craftsmanship, we have a team of highly committed craftsmen that have years of experience creating conservatories in Coventry. They are skilled in building and joinery work and have created exquisite, highly bespoke conservatories across Coventry.

Hassle-Free, Fast Results

Many people who are interested in getting a conservatory often postpone it because of the hassle involved. The bother of finding a good service, planning the design, getting planning permission and facing the disturbance caused at the time of installation are the main reasons why this happens. Our service eliminates that hassle and makes the process of getting a conservatory very simple and straightforward.

 You only need to choose the design of your conservatory and tell us your requirements. Our designers will run the final design by you for your approval before any work starts. Our craftsmen will then take over from there and install your new conservatory in as little time as possible.

 No unwanted surprises or delays.

 We provide complete support in getting the planning permission and helping you to choose the appropriate design. If you need an oak conservatory or any other kind of conservatory in Coventry, choose ease and comfort with us.