Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular choice in conservatories and orangeries in Coventry. This is because they look stylish and can be used in compact spaces and. They also offer the convenience of opening in to the garden as much, or as little as you want to. Bi-fold doors come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours. This allows you to personalise the look of your conservatory or orangery in Coventry. Depending on your preference, you can choose a bi-fold door from our wide range of options. A great bi-fold door adds an extra touch of luxury to your conservatory.

Benefits of Bi-fold Doors

We have many different styles of doors available – French doors, sliding doors, roller doors and more. So, why choose a bi-fold door? A bifold door provides many advantages over other types of doors and is especially suitable for conservatories and orangeries. In Coventry, a large number of our customers preferred a bi-fold door because of these benefits:

Stylish in appearance – Bi-fold doors are attractive and enhance the look of your conservatory. They come in a variety of styles to provide a bespoke look to your conservatory.


Allow more natural light in – Since these doors are usually made of glass, they allow more natural light in which reduces energy consumption and keeps the indoors moisture-free.

  Personalised entrance space – Bi-fold doors fold back, allowing more open entrance space. If the door is very wide, it can leave a substantial opening which is a perfect way to bring the outdoors, indoors!

  Occupying less space – These doors can be installed in much smaller spaces and in virtually any design. They are a perfect solution for smaller spaces and for designs where the windows are too close to the door.

  Low maintenance – Bi-fold doors require no maintenance. Our bi-fold doors use self-cleaning glass that needs no regular cleaning. By using the highest quality materials, we can guarantee longevity.

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Bespoke Entrance Width

Bi-fold doors are perfect for conservatories and orangeries in Coventry because of the level of customisation they offer. You can choose a wider bi-fold door if you need a larger entrance. If you want to bring together the inside and the outside when the door is open, you can choose a wider door that, when folded back, gives you a large open space. You can also use two bi-fold doors to expand the entrance space. These doors provide you with the benefit of increasing or reducing the entrance width anytime.

In larger conservatories in Coventry, we have installed two or more bifold doors so that the entire front of the conservatory can become one unobstructed open space. These doors offer you a variety of options, enhancing the beauty of your conservatory, and offering you maximum convenience.


It is a misconception that bi-fold doors are less secure. These doors offer enhanced security. The bi-fold doors we create come with a secure locking system that is not restricted to a single point. In a bi-fold door, the locking mechanism is spread across many points along the sliding rack, offering enhanced and robust security. On the other hand, doors such as French doors have their locking system located in just one single place.

French Doors or Bi-fold Doors?

French doors have been around for centuries and they serve their purpose well. They are a good choice in any kind of design but bi-fold doors are more beneficial especially in the case of a conservatory or an orangery. Many of our conservatories and orangeries in Coventry are designed to allow greater access to the outdoors. Unlike rooms, these structures have much larger windows and doors, and even a roof lantern in the case of an orangery. That is why a bi-fold door suits their design much better than any other kinds of doors. However, depending on your preference and the design of your conservatory, you can choose any type of door that you feel serves you best.

We offer a wide variety of doors in an extensive range of styles and sizes. Our designers will create a complete design of your conservatory or orangery so that you can see exactly how it will look. 

Bi-fold Door Colours and Designs for Conservatories in Coventry

The designs and colours of bi-fold doors for conservatories in Coventry are not restricted to simple, clear glass. You can choose decorative patterned glass for your bi-fold door, or use glass only on the upper half of the door in case you require more privacy. Also, you can use decorative panes just on the lower part of the door if you don’t want your view to be obstructed. These are just some of the customisations that you can include in your design. Whichever kind of look and functions you want, we achieve perfect bespoke results for you.

 Our exhaustive selection of bi-fold doors offers maximum beauty, durability and usefulness throughout the year. For years now we have been building a wide variety of bi-fold doors for our customers at our Coventry warehouse. Using the highest quality material, our expert designers and craftsmen work on your conservatory or orangery, paying attention to every detail so that the outcome is rich in design, finish and functionality. For stylish, durable and high-quality conservatories in Coventry, get in touch with us today.