We create the highest quality conservatories in Coventry in a variety of traditional, modern and bespoke styles. Our talented designers, craftsmen and installers will work together to build a strong, durable and stunningly beautiful conservatory that adds comfort, beauty and value to your property. Any bespoke features you need in the design or functionality of your conservatory are achieved to perfection. Whichever type of conservatory you choose – Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Lean-To, P-shaped, L-shaped, or any other kind – we tailor it to your exact specifications.

Types of Conservatories

The first step in any conservatory build is to choose the design you like. Even though there are many different types of conservatories, you can add bespoke features to any type of conservatory to personalise it for greater beauty and functionality. These are the major types of conservatories found in Coventry and around the country:

Victorian Conservatory
Georgian Conservatory
Edwardian Conservatory
P, L, T-Shaped
Bespoke Conservatories

When choosing the appropriate design for a conservatory, an important factor to consider is the appearance of your existing home. If you want the conservatory to look like a natural part of the structure, you need to choose a design and colour that complements the look of your home. That does not mean that you are restricted to a certain design and colour though. We can achieve a personalised look while making sure that it matches with the existing structure. Our designers work with you to consider all the choices available in order to give your conservatory the exact look you want without disturbing the harmony between the new and the older structure.

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Benefits of Conservatories

Still hugely popular, conservatories in Coventry offer great value. One of the prominent benefits of a conservatory is that it adds more living space to your home. Most people decide to get a conservatory made so that they can have extra space in their home for relaxing, gardening, studying and so on. Along with that, a conservatory is eye-catching and attractive which adds beauty to your home. Since it uses more glass and panels than bricks, it is visually very different from the rest of the house. Due to the presence of more natural light, a conservatory provides a completely new ambience in a home.

 The benefits of a conservatory are not limited to space and beauty alone. It is a good investment, as it also increases the value of your property. A conservatory:

  Adds more living space
Provides beauty and new ambience to your home
Enhances the value of your property

Conservatory Design Tips

You will find that conservatories in Coventry are made in a wide variety of designs. How your conservatory is designed is very important because it determines how it will look and serve you. When choosing a design or getting a bespoke design created, these tips can be helpful.

Reviewing the space for the conservatory – Depending upon the direction your conservatory will face, the height of your existing house and the presence of other buildings nearby, your conservatory may or may not receive ample direct sunlight. Or it may be exposed to moisture and so on. Considering the unique elements that will affect the new space, you can have bespoke features included in the design so that your conservatory overcomes these limitations and serves you excellently.

Change in needs – You may need to make adjustments to your conservatory after some years. To save extra costs in personalising your conservatory at a later date, choosing a conservatory design that will accommodate your changing needs is preferable.

Enhanced beauty – Everybody wants their conservatory to look beautiful, but since the concept of beauty varies from person to person and region to region, you and your family can browse through our exhaustive range of conservatory designs so that you choose a design that works for you. A conservatory can look simple, decorative, highly modern, traditional or luxurious. Whichever design you want, we personalise it according to your every specification.

More usefulness – Irrespective of the design you choose for your conservatory, you can add any number of bespoke features to it. Whether you want larger windows, more doors, a partially or fully covered roof or enhanced locking system, it can be done with ease.

Quality Construction

The framework of a conservatory needs to be made from a strong and durable material. As a reliable name in the conservatory industry in Coventry, we only use the highest quality wood that offers a fine finish and is strong and durable. Along with the wood, the other materials we use in conservatories such as glass, fittings, fixtures and paint are also of superior quality.

For us, quality does not end with materials. From providing you with a bespoke design to installing your conservatory with the least amount of disturbance to you, all these are a part of our quality service.

Tailored to Your Needs

The conservatories in Coventry we create are tailored to your every specification. We understand your need to have a conservatory that is visually beautiful and serves the needs for which you are getting it made. Our designers work on your every wish to create your bespoke conservatory exactly as you want. Only after you approve the final design will we start creating it in our Coventry warehouse.

Even if you choose a conservatory design from an existing style such as Edwardian, Victorian and so on you can change certain parts of the design to make it suit you better.

Our Conservatories Team in Coventry

We have been creating the highest quality conservatories in Coventry for years, delivering excellence to our customers. The people who are behind our many stunning conservatories are our team of talented designers, skilled craftsmen and expert installers who work tirelessly to come up with highly personalised designs with a superior finish.
From the foundation of the structure to the beauty of your new conservatory, our goal is to achieve perfect results for you. Since we only use the highest quality materials, your conservatory stays strong and new for years. Our craftsmen can achieve any kind of detailing you need to enhance the beauty of your conservatory. With their combined efforts, we are able to achieve results that are tailored to your specifications and are of the highest quality and finish.

Quick, Hassle-Free Service

Getting a conservatory installed should not be a burdensome process. Our installation techniques are designed to make designing, building and installing a conservatory simple and quick. We take the pain out of it and offer a smooth and efficient service every step of the way. From getting the specifications for your conservatory and seeking your approval of the design to installing it with the least amount of disturbance to you, we ensure that you experience a seamless service.

Efficient and quick, we provide you with all the support you need to get your conservatory made and installed at your home. Whether it is planning permission or personalisation, we can help you.

Offering conservatories in Coventry in all shapes, sizes and styles, we have the resources, the professionals and the infrastructure to create your ideal conservatory. If you need a quality conservatory in Coventry that is tailored to your every need, please contact us using our contact form or email us at