Hardwood Conservatories

A hardwood conservatory is made from hardwood, a highly dense wood that offers greater durability and strength. Hardwood generally has long fibres and greater aesthetic appeal. Both hardwood and softwood are used for making furniture, building the framework of conservatories and orangeries, and flooring. Softwood is lightweight and can be easily cut and shaped, because of this it is often used in conservatories. Our hardwood conservatories in Coventry are superior in design and finish and can include any number of bespoke features. We offer stunning designs in a variety of high-quality hardwood.

Hardwood Conservatories in Coventry

Many different types of hardwood are available, but not all of them are suitable for building conservatories. Bamboo, for example, can be used for flooring, but not for the framework. Some of the popular hardwoods that are used for framework include oak, mahogany, idigbo, iroco, teak, sapele, meranti, and utile. Each of these wood types offers strength and durability but vary in price. Oak is one of the most popular as it is relatively inexpensive and lasts for decades. Teak, on the other hand, is an expensive hardwood.


We use hardwood that offers maximum durability irrespective of weather conditions. We create bespoke designs that are tailored to your every specification using the best hardwood available to us.

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Appearance of Hardwood Conservatories

We can help you achieve the exact look you want in your hardwood conservatory. Since high-quality hardwood is beautiful to look at, simply varnishing or staining is a great option. Varnishing retains the natural colour and pattern of wood while protecting it against the elements. Staining alters its colour but does not cover the natural patterns in the wood so you get its natural textures in the colour of your choice.


Varnishing, staining and painting are all ways to enhance the look of wood as well as protect it. Since varnishing and staining retain the natural patterns and textures of the wood, they give a conservatory a more traditional look. Painting, on the other hand, can achieve any look you want – traditional or modern. You can choose any of these methods in your hardwood conservatory to give it the finish you like best. We have created hardwood conservatories in Coventry in a wide variety of colours in both traditional and modern designs. 

All Glass Doors

Apart from the wood framework of a conservatory, the quality of its windows, doors, roof and fittings play a large part in achieving a certain aesthetic. We offer a wide variety of window and door styles to choose from. The glass we use in windows and doors is self-cleaning, offering superior looks, high durability and minimum maintenance.


Since you will be using your conservatory every day, we understand how important it is for you to be able to customise its design. We can personalise every feature of your hardwood conservatory according to your liking and preference. You can choose a design from our exhaustive catalogue or have us create a totally unique bespoke design.


Our work in designing, building and installing hardwood conservatories in Coventry demonstrates our dedication to perfection. Any kind of conservatory you trust us to create will be of the highest quality. If you are interested in our hardwood conservatories, contact us today to arrange a meeting.