Timber Conservatories

A timber conservatory is a great way to enhance the beauty to your home, create a more personalised living space and add value to your property. A timber conservatory is primarily made from timber wood and glass and comes in a variety of designs. We have created numerous timber conservatories in Coventry – Edwardian, Victorian, Edwardian, P-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped and more. After assessing the existing structure of your home and listening to your preferences, our talented designers work with you to design your perfect timber conservatory.

Benefits of Timber Conservatories

Timber is a durable wood that provides lasting performance. Although timber is known for facing issues with things such as termites and decay, those are easily overcome by using high-quality timber. Adding protective coatings and using certain design techniques eliminates these problems entirely.

The quality of timber majorly influences its longevity. That is why the timber we use in our conservatories comes from superior species of timber wood that offer maximum durability. Here are some of the benefits of using timber in conservatories:

It is a strong and durable wood.

Timber comes in many different types, including walnut, plywood, birch, cedar and more.

High-quality timber lasts for years and years without any problems if the design of the conservatory reduces the wood’s exposure to moisture.

You can achieve almost any shape using timber. From the most complex designs to simple wood panelling.

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Conservatory Designs

Whether you like more traditional designs or are looking for a bespoke conservatory in Coventry, practically any design can be achieved using timber. We have a huge selection of timber conservatories that you can take inspiration from. You can choose individual features from each standard design to add to your own bespoke conservatory. Any feature you want – type of door, windows, brickwork, roofing – can all be designed according to your requirements.


There are a few things to consider that will help you to choose a conservatory design that you’ll never get tired of:


A conservatory needs to be designed with the different seasons in mind. You want a design that can stand up to the elements during the coldest months, warmest days and everything in between.


Your needs may change over the years. A flexible design that can accommodate any changes you may wish to make in the future will save you time and money in the long run.


Since a conservatory is an addition to the existing structure of your home, it needs to match it aesthetically. We go a step further and create a design that not only matches but enhances the look of your existing home.

Our Conservatories in Coventry

We have years of experience in creating conservatories in Coventry. Before formulating a design plan, we first review the space that you’ve chosen for your conservatory and the existing structure of your home so that we can achieve the best results for you.


We are a one-stop shop for conservatories in Coventry. We design, manufacture and install the highest-quality, most beautifully designed conservatories. We embark on a journey with our clients so that we make your vision a reality. Our team of qualified designers, craftsmen and installing professionals combine their knowledge and skills to achieve perfection in design and workmanship.


Every material we use – the wood, glass, paint, tiles, fittings and fixtures, locking system – are of the highest quality so that your timber conservatory stays strong for years with little to no maintenance. We are dedicated to making the process of building conservatories simple. Our company policy is to provide exceptional customer support so that you experience the least amount of disruption as possible.


For quality bespoke conservatories in Coventry that are extraordinarily beautiful and functional, contact us today.