When you are thinking of expanding the living space in your home in Coventry, conservatories or orangeries are the first things you think of. Traditionally, an orangery was built as a room or an entire building in very large residences where orange, lime and other fruit trees would be protected from the harsh winter. An orangery comes from a very old tradition that dates back to the 15th and 16th century. Today, orangeries are built for an entirely different reason – for extending the living space in a home. We build conservatories and orangeries in Coventry in all styles, sizes and shapes, creating a bespoke space of exquisite beauty and functionality tailored to your needs.

Benefits of an Orangery

Whether you want to expand your living space, kitchen area or want to use the orangery for socialising, you have the freedom to design it according to your own needs. Even though traditionally, an orangery is mostly rectangular or square in shape, you can create it in any style you want. An orangery offers many benefits, including:

An orangery is more like a room that gives your family more living space. It can even be used as a room for children or a space to study, relax or socialise.

The roof lantern is a unique feature of an orangery. It enhances the beauty of an orangery and also allows plenty of natural light in. This reduces energy consumption and makes the orangery a healthier indoor space.

Today, you have an endless choice of designs for your orangery. Whether it’s a traditional, modern or a bespoke design that best suits your needs – you can create your orangery exactly how you imagine it.

An orangery is a good investment as it adds value to your property. With the addition of a private space in your home, the value of your home instantly goes up.

In Coventry, orangeries can be used all year round. With the right mix of glass, brick and glazing options, keeping your orangery warm throughout the year is not difficult.

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Low Maintenance

An orangery created of the highest quality materials requires little to no maintenance. Orangeries in Coventry that we built many years ago still look like new and continue to serve our customers excellently without any problems.


Highest Quality Wood – We use the highest quality premium wood that provides greater strength and durability to the orangery framework. It also minimises maintenance and provides an excellent finish to your orangery.


Self-Cleaning Glass – Cleaning the glass is one of the most tedious jobs. Since the windows, door and the roof of an orangery are primarily made of glass, it becomes almost impossible to clean the glass regularly. To eliminate this problem, we use self-cleaning glass that remains perfectly clean and free from dust/dirt at all times.


Superior Quality Paint, Varnish and Staining – The materials that come into direct contact with the elements need to be of superior quality. Whether you choose to use paint, varnish or staining in your wood orangery, we make sure that it provides the wood with maximum protection while giving it an excellent finish.

Windows and Doors

Depending on whether you would like a traditional or a modern look, the size, shape and style of the windows and doors can be personalised. Larger windows without panes mostly give a modern appearance whereas more brick elements tend to provide a traditional look. The structure of your existing home is also a major factor in deciding the kind of look you want. Whichever kind of windows and doors you prefer to have in your orangery, we create them just as you want, in the highest quality material and with a perfect finish.

Glazing Options

We provide single, double and triple glazing options in our orangeries and conservatories in Coventry. Multiple glazing offers energy efficiency and greater protection. It also minimises outside noise from entering your home. If you wish to use your orangery as a study or a bedroom, you can greatly benefit from double or triple glazing. The additional glass frame also reduces heat loss, helping you to reduce your power consumption while enjoying greater comfort indoors.

The Roof

The roof is a unique feature in an orangery mainly because of the roof lantern. The roof lantern offers the benefit of allowing more natural light to enter into the orangery, making it naturally bright. Since direct sunlight can enter into the orangery through the roof lantern, it also reduces moisture inside, keeping the space warm and dry.

We offer a variety of roof lantern options where you can fully personalise its appearance, size and shape. You’ll find a wide variety of roof lanterns in different styles in our orangeries in Coventry that we have built over the years. You can look through our selection of orangeries in Coventry that we created to get ideas from or choose the design features you like.

The Brick Element

Traditionally, an orangery had a brick base and, in many cases, brick walls on either side of the structure. Today, you can play around with the architecture and create your bespoke structure. The brick element can be restricted to form the base or can be eliminated entirely. If you wish, brick walls can be built on either side of the orangery with windows or the bricks can be replaced by wood panels.

The choices are endless. We assist you in choosing the design you like depending on things such as the space available, where it is located in the house, the structure of your existing home and what kind of look you wish to achieve in your orangery.

Orangery Colours

Colour greatly influences the look of an orangery. When choosing the colour, these three options are available:




Varnishing does not cover the surface of the wood like paint does so you can see the natural colour and patterns in the wood. If you wish to retain the natural look of the wood and simply give it a better finish, varnishing is the best option. Staining, on the other hand, changes the colour of the wood but does not impact the natural patterns that are present in the wood. That is because, with staining, the colour seeps into the wood to change its natural colour. Staining is also used to deepen the existing colour of the wood.

Painting is chosen when you want to entirely change the colour and the natural texture of the wood. For example, if you want orange, white or any other colour that is starkly different from the natural colour of wood, painting is the best choice.

In all three methods, the wood is protected so that its surface does not suffer any degradation from the elements. As a reliable conservatory and orangery service in Coventry, we only use premium high-quality materials to achieve a superior finish and to provide enhanced protection.

Tailored to Your Specifications

All our conservatories and orangeries in Coventry are built according to your specifications. You can customise almost all the features of your orangery to create the exact look and feel you want. Our team of talented designers, skilled craftsmen and qualified installers combine their knowledge and skills to create a stunning orangery in your chosen design. We have been creating conservatories and orangeries in Coventry for years, offering the best to our customers.

 We provide you with all the support you need – from choosing the right materials and design to helping you with obtaining planning permission for your orangery. Our hassle-free service offers you maximum comfort every step of the way. Our conservatories and orangeries in Coventry showcase our commitment to providing the best in materials, design, finish and customer care.

 We make the entire process simple for you.