Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories date back to the Victorian era itself. They feature a round angular shape (bay shape) created from  4 or 5 panels. A Victorian conservatory may or may not have a brick base structure supporting the wood framework. A big advantage of a Victorian conservatory is that it can be built in both smaller and large spaces. Victorian conservatories in Coventry come in a variety of designs, from the more ornate, to simple designs.

Styles of Victorian Conservatories

Over the decades, modifications to the classic Victorian conservatory design were made to accommodate changing needs. Today, you can personalise a Victorian conservatory however you see fit. You can choose a P-shaped Victorian conservatory, have more or less brickwork in it, have fewer or more panels and so on.

The framework of a conservatory needs to be strong enough to support the entire structure. That’s why it needs to be built in a certain way. Other than that, you have complete freedom in choosing the shape and the design of elements such as doors, windows, the roof, the brick base and much more. Based on your specifications, we will create a stunning conservatory that is eye-catching in its beauty and serves you for years with little to no maintenance.

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Beauty Matched with Utility

Aesthetically beautiful and tailored to meet your exact needs, our goal in every conservatory we create is to offer you the best in both beauty and utility. We can add any custom features you want whether that is patterned glass, curved panes, glass roof, bifold doors and more. We offer these customisations to enhance the beauty and functionality of your conservatory.


When you build a conservatory you are actually building a new living space and you should have all the features you need and want in it. Depending upon its purpose, you can adjust or include almost any additional features to the design. For example, if you want added security you can include additional security features such as multiple locks on windows, internal beading and a sophisticated locking system. If you want to use it as a study, you may include a short brick wall where the bookshelves can be placed. Whatever your bespoke needs are, you can add or remove an almost infinite number of features.

Our Bespoke Conservatories in Coventry

No matter which type of conservatory design you choose, we have the expertise and the experience to customise it however you want. Add bespoke features to make it more functional for your needs and in keeping with your style. We have created a wide variety of bespoke traditional  Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian conservatories in Coventry. You can choose from a selection of sizes, shapes and styles to have us create something that you will cherish for years.

Traditional vs Modern Conservatories

It’s a misconception that a traditional conservatory cannot look modern. Even though a traditional conservatory is largely chosen for its traditional design, it does not mean that you cannot incorporate some modern elements. A number of our customers have transformed their Victorian conservatories in Coventry into contemporary structures. Your traditional conservatory can be transformed into a modern luxurious living space.

Your Dream Conservatory

We will create your dream conservatory, achieving finesse in design and finish. Our team of highly qualified designers, skilled craftsmen and installation specialists will work together on your conservatory to give it the exact look and features you want. For creating quality conservatories and orangeries in Coventry, choose our expert services.