Pine Conservatories

Pine conservatories are durable and add beauty as well as value to your home. Pine is a softwood, which is usually light in weight because it is less dense than many other kinds of woods. However, not all pine wood has a low density. Some species of pine are even more dense than oak and provide equal, or greater, durability and strength than hardwood. We only use the highest quality pine that is strong and durable, providing a solid framework for your conservatory. That’s why you will find our pine conservatories in Coventry looking like they did when they were new, even years after they were installed.

Pine Conservatories Tailored to Perfection

Some of the traditional conservatory designs available are Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To and P shaped. You can use one of these existing designs or have us create a bespoke one for you. For any design you choose, we make sure that it will fit your space perfectly and include all the features you want. Our talented team can create any traditional, modern or bespoke conservatory design. We have expertise in creating even the most complex designs. We pride ourselves on fulfilling our customers’ exact requirements and building brilliant bespoke conservatory of great beauty.

 Whether you want bi-fold doors, French doors, bow windows, bay windows, awning windows, a glass roof, a roof lantern or brick walls, we listen to our clients’ requirements to create stunning bespoke designs with a superior finish. Our skilled designers and craftsmen work together to create conservatories that are strong, beautiful and last for years to come. 

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Doors, Windows and Roofs

The doors, windows and roof make up a large part of a conservatory. Depending on the design of your conservatory, you can choose from different types of windows, doors and roofs. We offer a wide range of that includes casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, sliding windows and awning windows. As for doors, you can choose from French, patio, bifold or any other kind of door. The size of the windows and doors can vary according to your liking. The windows can be floor-to-ceiling or can rest upon a brick base.

Along with personalising the doors, windows and the roof, you may also consider glazing options. This can add an extra layer of security with an enhanced locking system as well as better looks. Increasing energy efficiency is a large part of our design process. We will suggest ways you can make your conservatory more energy efficient. Glazing is one such option. We provide single, double and triple glazing options. We also offer additional security features and locking systems.

Quality Assurance

As a reputed conservatory and orangery contractor in Coventry, we use the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship in every conservatory we make. For us, quality starts with sourcing our materials from reputed suppliers. All of the materials we use, whether they are wood, aluminium, glass or paint is of superior quality and provides a high level of durability and finish.

With us, you get quality assurance. From the materials we use to our customer service, we work to achieve quality. Our team of expert designers, craftsmen and installers are trained professionals who work tirelessly to achieve perfect results so that you can enjoy your new space all year round, for many years to come.

Pine Conservatories in Coventry

Since we are based in Coventry, we are well aware of the weather conditions here and will help you to choose an appropriate design for your new conservatory. When creating pine conservatories in Coventry, we make sure that they serve you well in the harshest of winters and also during the warmest summer months. We will design your conservatory to be a warm, luxurious haven where you are surrounded by the aesthetic beauty of its well-designed interior, all year round.


Years of building high-quality conservatories in Coventry has earned us the trust of our customers. If you need any kind of quality conservatory or orangery in Coventry, please get in touch.