Timber Orangeries

Timber provides beauty and durability to an orangery of any design and size. A timber orangery can have a traditional, modern or bespoke look depending upon the design of the structure. You can choose any design – from the most ornate to the most simple. Our timber orangeries in Coventry come in a variety of styles. All built using the highest quality timber and designed to your exact specifications.

Traditional or Modern?

Since timber orangeries are commonly made from hardwood, they can be designed in a number of different ways. If you want your orangery to appear more traditional, you can choose to retain the natural look of the wood. For that, we’ll only varnish the wood, or stain it if you wish to alter the natural colour of the wood. A traditional look can also be achieved by painting the wood in classic colours such as white or cream.


For a modern look, you can choose any colour for your orangery that complements the colour of your existing home. Even though natural wood colours can also be used in modern designs, other elements of the orangery such as windows and doors need to be sleek to emphasise an overall modern design. 

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Bespoke Orangeries

A bespoke timber orangery offers benefits in both appearance and functionality. Depending upon your needs, you can integrate any bespoke features you like in its design. You can determine the dimensions and design of the windows, doors, roof, use of ornamental window panes, additional security features and more. The space in which you want the orangery installed should be considered along with your preferences to create an orangery that looks brilliant and serves you excellently for years.

Our bespoke orangeries in Coventry are designed and crafted by experts who have years of experience in creating bespoke orangeries of all kinds. Whatever your specifications, we build every detail into your orangery.

Quality Wood

As a reputable orangery and conservatory service in Coventry, we only use the highest quality wood to create any and all types of orangery. Whether you choose hardwood or softwood, it will be of the highest quality which means that the wood is dense, tough and can easily support the structure of an orangery. The wood we use is highly durable and will serve you for years without a problem.

Colour, Glass and Brick Features

These three factors – colour, glass and brick features – largely determine the look of an orangery. Traditionally, an orangery will have a brick base upon which the timber framework sits. You can either opt for a traditional design or have us create the framework from the ground up.

The size of the glass is another factor that hugely impacts the appearance of an orangery. Larger frames with or without panes are in vogue as they allow more sunlight to enter in and they also give a modern appearance to an orangery. Depending upon the size of the windows and doors you prefer, we will create bespoke features that match your every requirement.

An orangery can be any colour, but it should complement the colour of your home so that it looks like an extension and not a separate structure. Whether you choose to use paint, varnish or stain on the wood, the finish achieved by our craftsmen will be perfect.

Timber Orangeries in Coventry

Over the years, we have built numerous timber orangeries in Coventry in a wide variety of styles. With us, you receive seamless, hassle-free service from start to finish. Offering quality in materials, design and customer care, we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. For quality timber orangeries or conservatories in Coventry, get in touch with us today.