Windows & Doors

Windows and doors hugely impact the appearance of a conservatory or an orangery. Be it a traditional, modern or a bespoke design, we achieve the exact look you want in your conservatory or orangery. You can choose from a wide variety of windows and doors in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Our Coventry conservatories and orangeries joinery team consists of skilled designers, craftsmen and installers who will create your stunning high-quality bespoke conservatory or orangery. Our installation specialists in Coventry are highly efficient professionals who take little time to perfectly install your new conservatory or orangery so that you can enjoy your new space as soon as possible.


Windows of a conservatory or orangery are usually large and they may, or may not, have panes. Depending on the look you want, you can choose from a variety of styles including:

Casement Windows

One of the most common types of conservatory window, a casement window, is attached to its frame on the side with the help of hinges. When these windows are hinged at the top, they are called awning windows. A conservatory or an orangery may use both casement and awning windows.

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Bay Windows

A bay window usually has three openings. With the middle window forming the centre and the two windows on either side situated at an angle. Usually, the middle window is larger in size and the side windows are leaner. These windows create a rounded appearance when seen from the outside. From the inside, it provides a better viewing experience. These windows add beauty to any structure, be it traditional, modern or bespoke.

Bow Windows

Typically, bow windows have four or five sides. Like bay windows, the windows are situated at an angle, creating a bow shape. These windows are usually of the same size and may be with or without panes. Bow windows are still highly popular and are suitable for both traditional and modern styles.


Due to the semi-circular structure of bow windows, and the greater number of windows in it, the curve of bow windows is less than that of bay windows. So, with bay windows, you get less floor space compared to bow windows that are wider and deeper. Since bay windows have less width, as only three windows create the design, they are usually used in smaller spaces. Bow windows, on the other hand, are ideally used in larger rooms where there is sufficient space to accommodate 4 or 5 window panes. In conservatories and orangeries in Coventry, both bay and bow windows are commonly used for their functionality and style.

Sliding Windows

Another popular choice is sliding windows. These windows are low maintenance and provide an unobstructed view. They allow better insulation, as the windows lock firmly, therefore reducing the amount of heat that escapes from the inside.

Bespoke Windows

Depending upon your preference, you can choose casement windows, bay windows, bow windows, awning windows or any other type of window for your conservatory. Our designers can create bespoke window designs according to your specifications. Whatever style, size and placement you need, we can achieve it for you.

Single, Double and Triple Glazed Windows

Along with the design, another major consideration is glazing. Usually, single glazed windows are used in homes. However, double and triple glazed windows provide enhanced benefits including:


Better insulation, as less heat is lost.


Saving money on electricity bills because less heating is required to keep the conservatory warm.


 Greater protection due to multiple layers of glass.


The door of a conservatory needs to complement the overall design and look, allow ample light to come in and offer you the option to expand your space by opening fully. At our facility in Coventry, we develop a wide variety of doors, including high-quality bifold doors. Our designers and craftsmen use their expertise to design and build bespoke doors that match your every requirement.

All Glass Doors

You will find that the majority of conservatories in Coventry have glass doors. They are a popular choice because of the many benefits they provide. All glass doors allow ample natural light in so that your conservatory or orangery will not need artificial lighting during the day.

Direct sunlight allows the indoors to remain free from moisture so that your conservatory never gets damp. All glass doors look stylish in any kind of design be it traditional, modern or bespoke. They also offer excellent, unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Bi-folding Doors

A bi-folding door folds back when you open it so that it takes up half the space of the door’s width when open. These doors are perfect for both compact and larger spaces. They are a good choice for conservatories and orangeries because in many conservatories in Coventry, the windows are not far from the door. So when the door is opened wide, the view from the windows is obstructed by the door. A bifold door solves this problem.

 An all-glass design, where both the windows and doors are made solely from glass, cannot accommodate regular glass doors such as French doors, as they obstruct the view from the windows when open.

 Bi-folding doors are commonly used in conservatories and orangeries in Coventry because of the multiple benefits they provide.

 Whichever type of windows and door you want for your conservatory, we ensure that it has the highest quality and finish and that it offers maximum strength and durability. Our low maintenance windows and doors are made from superior quality wood and self-cleaning glass so that you can enjoy your new space without worrying about maintenance. We are your one-stop shop for all conservatory and orangery needs in Coventry.