Georgian Conservatories

The Georgian conservatory design dates back to the Georgian period. Georgian conservatories have large windows with small panes, usually set in a rectangular or square frame. Georgian conservatories in Coventry are a popular choice along with Edwardian and Victorian conservatories for people who prefer more traditional designs.

Features of a Georgian Conservatory

A traditionally designed Georgian conservatory looks attractive and is highly functional in its design. However, you can add certain modern features to it that provide you with greater comfort while retaining that traditional look. You can add a bifold door to your Georgian conservatory or have larger windows with fewer panes. Such adjustments do not affect the overall style of the conservatory but do allow you to include features you like.

 You will find that many Georgian conservatories in Coventry have sash windows while others don’t. The roof can be either 3-sided or 4-sided. A larger structure can have a 4-sided roof while a smaller space will better accommodate a 3-sided one. There is a variety of styling options available with which you can personalise your Georgian conservatory. With us, you can take the classic Georgian conservatory design and make changes to it according to your needs and preferences.

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Combining Traditional Design with Modern Features

Our traditional designs can incorporate modern features that do not detract from the classic appearance of your Georgian conservatory. Depending on the space and the present structure of your home, we will suggest ways you can add specific modern features to your conservatory’s design to enhance its functionality. Many of the Georgian conservatories in Coventry have combined the traditional with the modern, incorporating the benefits of each to create a conservatory that looks traditional but functions as a modern space.


We have extensive experience in creating traditional, modern and bespoke conservatories in Coventry that are built according to your every specification. Whichever feature you need in your conservatory, we design, build and install it to perfection.

Material and Colours

A Georgian conservatory can be built with a variety of materials. You can use UPVC, wood or aluminium. Wood is primarily used for constructing Georgian conservatories in Coventry. UPVC is also a strong material that requires no painting. Aluminium is rarely used however it does offer strength and durability.

Wood is traditionally the material used to build Georgian conservatories and, even today, it is still the main material used to build conservatories. As for colour, white is the classic colour used in Georgian conservatories in Coventry and around the country. But, depending upon the colour theme of your home, you can choose any colour you wish. Whichever material or colour you choose, we create a stunning conservatory that greatly enhances the look of your house and gives you a luxurious new space for you to enjoy for decades.

Our Conservatories and Orangeries in Coventry

Over the years, we have designed, built and installed a wide variety of conservatories and orangeries in all shapes, sizes and styles. Our talented designers will create designs for your new conservatory based on your requirements. Our skilled craftsmen cut, shape and join the different parts of a conservatory with great precision to achieve style and quality. Our installers work efficiently to install your conservatory as quickly as they can, causing the least amount of disruption. If you need a Georgian conservatory in Coventry that is beautiful, durable and highly functional, choose our expert services.