Wood Orangeries

Wood orangeries are a popular way to add more space, beauty and value to your home. These orangeries are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, shapes and sizes. Whether you need a Victorian design, Georgian, Edwardian or a contemporary orangery, we have the resources and the infrastructure to achieve perfect results for you. Our orangeries in Coventry are designed to serve you perfectly all year round.


Wood orangeries can be created from a variety of high-quality hardwood. Whichever wood you prefer to use in your orangery, we source the highest quality in all varieties to provide your new orangery with maximum durability and strength. Our orangeries continue to look and function like new for years because of the best quality wood, glass, fittings, fixtures and tiles we use to build them.

You can choose from premium quality woods such as oak, teak, mahogany, iroco, idigbo, meranti, sapele and more. Oak is a popular choice as it offers high durability and strength and is relatively inexpensive. The quality of the wood is very important in creating an orangery’s framework because the framework supports the entire structure of the orangery. Using high-quality wood also ensures that it remains free from damage caused by moisture, change in temperature and everyday use.

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In our Coventry warehouse, orangeries are created in a wide variety of designs – from traditional and modern to highly bespoke. You can choose to use a traditional or modern design and add bespoke features to it. If you want a traditional look, you can choose from a variety of traditional designs such as Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian. We can add any number of bespoke features you want in your chosen design. If you’d prefer a modern look, we have an extensive range of modern orangery designs that you can choose from.

To help you get the perfect design for your wood orangery, we first review the space where you wish to get the orangery installed. That ensures that your orangery is perfectly designed to make full use of the available space and that it enhances the beauty of your existing home as well.

Bespoke Features in an Orangery

An orangery is a beautiful addition to your home but, along with beauty, it also needs to be functional. That is where bespoke features come in. Depending upon how you want to use your orangery, personalising it to include certain bespoke features will help you to get more out of it. Although an orangery usually includes a brick base, you can choose to have the wood framework start from the base up giving it a more modern look. The windows can be large or small, with or without panes. If you prefer ornamentation, you can choose curved panes or designer glass.

The roof of an orangery is flat and can be with or without a roof lantern. The size and the shape of the roof lantern can also be customised according to your preferences. We have created numerous wood orangeries in Coventry with highly bespoke features that help our customers achieve more functionality in their orangeries. Our expert designers and craftsmen have years of experience in creating bespoke orangeries and conservatories in Coventry that are tailored to stand up against the specific weather conditions we get here.

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We are a reputed orangery and conservatory service in Coventry, offering our customers the highest quality, brilliantly designed and crafted conservatories and orangeries of all kinds. Whether you want a small or a large orangery in either a traditional, modern or bespoke design, we create your orangery just as you want.

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