Kitchen Orangeries

A kitchen is a place where we spend hours every day – cooking, eating and socialising. Adding more space to your kitchen enriches your experience of cooking and having a comfortable area to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends. A beautiful kitchen with ample space can be achieved with a kitchen orangery. Our orangery experts in Coventry combine their skills to create breathtaking kitchen orangeries of outstanding beauty and functionality, designed for your individual needs.

Premium Quality Wood

A kitchen orangery is a lifelong investment. That’s why we make sure that your kitchen orangery stays new for years with little to no maintenance. We only use premium quality wood that offers maximum durability and strength. Whether you choose hardwood or softwood for your orangery, we ensure that it has a high-quality finish, superior strength and stands up to the test of time.

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Bespoke Space

When choosing the design for your kitchen orangery, you have total freedom. Whether you opt for a traditional style, a modern one or a bespoke design, we achieve the exact results you’re after. Our designers work with you to understand the look, feel and features you want in your kitchen orangery. They then create a design that brings your ideas alive. You can make any number of design changes to achieve the look you want.

Matching the New with the Old

Since a kitchen orangery is an extension of your existing kitchen space, we match its interior with the existing colour scheme and structure of your home. Matching the new with the old does not necessarily mean using the same colour and structure though. Even with contrasting colours, you can achieve great results as long as certain key features of the orangery complement the older structure.

Our designers create designs based on your specifications. Their sketches will show you how your new kitchen orangery will look. Since our designers have created many kitchen orangeries in Coventry over the years, they can advise you on which colours, designs and features will make your orangery a natural extension of your existing kitchen space. You can choose whichever features you want in your new orangery in whichever styles and colours you like.

Beauty and Functionality

Even the most beautiful kitchen orangeries need to be functional. When it comes to functionality, a lot depends upon the present structure of your kitchen – where your cooking area is, where the storage is, the direction from which natural light comes from and so on. When creating bespoke kitchen orangeries in Coventry, we consider many different factors that will hugely impact how your new orangery will serve you. If a kitchen orangery is designed with these things in mind it not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen but also makes it highly functional.

Bespoke Kitchen Orangeries in Coventry

As a reputed company with numerous satisfied customers across Coventry, our kitchen orangeries are personalised to achieve maximum beauty and functionality. Whichever style you are interested in – traditional, modern or bespoke – we design your orangery according to your exact needs. All while ensuring that it is strong, durable and serves you well for years to come.

A hallmark of our bespoke kitchen orangeries in Coventry is the quality of materials used, design and craftsmanship. From the simple to the most complex kitchen orangery designs, we have the quality materials, skill and dedication to achieve first class results. Turn your ideal kitchen orangery into a reality with our expert, hassle-free service. Contact us today.